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7 Tips for Personal and Professional Success

Tip One: Clarity-Know Exactly What You Want. Spend time clarifying exactly what you want for yourself and your business. The more specific you can be— the better. Brainstorm and visualize exactly what things would look like in your version of personal and professional success. Tip Two: Don’t Rush-Take Your Time. This is not a speed […]

Hospitality Careers for Today’s Workforce

In this country we have been given the abundance of both women in the workforce and a diversified population. We have diamonds in our own backyard and the time has come to seize these opportunities. Women entered the workforce during WWII in large numbers and have never left. There was an era when women were […]

What is the Nitrogen Cycle?

Nitrogen is all around us. We commonly think of the air that we breathe as being mostly oxygen. In fact it’s actually a mix of gasses and nearly 80% of that mix is nitrogen. Nitrogen in the atmosphere comes in a chemical shape called diatomic, meaning that two nitrogen atoms are bonded together. This bond […]

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches come in a variety of styles and are made from a wide array of materials, including bamboo, cane, ceramic, aluminum and copper. Traditionally made from bamboo, tiki torches originated in the Polynesian culture and have since become popular in contemporary society. Often used at island-themed parties to enhance the ambiance and create a […]

Residential Solar Power Systems Using Solar Electric Panels

Are you wondering how you can get more involved with renewable energy sources? Are you curious about residential solar power systems or solar electric panels? If you are, you should certainly learn more about solar power and other home thermal energy sources to better understand how you can implement this new technology into every aspect […]

Energy Saving Candle Bulbs

In this article we will focus on the use of energy saving candle bulb to save energy as well as money. These days, people are paying much attention to the environment. We want to be able to save energy and protect our environment. In addition to the traditional lamps and ceiling fixtures, you can use […]

The Advantages Of Homemade Solar Panels

There are various advantages to having homemade solar panels one of which of course is the fact that you are generating your own energy and helping to save the planet in the process. This is something that is becoming more popular with a number of people so here is some information on it to let […]

Eggs For Breakfast

When was the last time you ate an egg for breakfast? We usually save omelets for a more leisurely meal later in the day. But eating an egg for breakfast may be a good idea, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Protein at breakfast can help you get through the morning without snacking. That’s […]

Ginger Snaps Recipe

I’m passionate about ginger. Strong pungent crystallized ginger, fresh grated ginger, ginger tea. I carry sliced candied ginger on plane trips to prevent nausea. For colds and the flu, try a soothing tea made with fresh ginger, lemon and honey. And ginger snaps…. I confess to eating them straight from the box. But here in […]

Great Expectations

I was reading an article in Ode the other day, about economics and altruism. The article’s basic tenet is that current economic theory is premised on the belief that people will generally work behavioral_economics_80toward their own material advantage. But, they point out, recent research in behavioral economics finds that people are much more altruistic than […]

Pawn Stars Rick Buys Fake Indian Vest

Here is a clip of Rick from Pawn Stars trying to live down a bad purchase he made on an old Indian vest. He paid $1300 for the fake Indian vest. Corey rubs salt in the wound by playing a prank on Rick, the old man gets in on it, then Chumlee finds a buyer. […]

Pawn Stars Biggest Losses

This video shows the Pawn Stars talking about some of their biggest losses during the many years that they have owned and operated the “Gold and Silver” pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rick Harrison and the old man reminisce about some of the bad purchases they made that resulted in some huge losses. We […]

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