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7 Tips for Personal and Professional Success

Tip One: Clarity-Know Exactly What You Want. Spend time clarifying exactly what you want for yourself and your business. The more specific you can be— the better. Brainstorm and visualize exactly what things would look like in your version of personal and professional success.

Tip Two: Don’t Rush-Take Your Time. This is not a speed contest. Take your time and consider each goal. Ask yourself if this is really what you want. Does it feel good personally and professionally? Does it fit your personal and professional values? Is it something that defines who you are at your very essence?

Tip Three: Be Realistic-Don’t Try To Fool Yourself. There are many aspects to who you are and many facets to your life. Ask yourself if you can really reach the specific goals you set. Goals are often discarded and frustration sets-in because many of us think unrealistically about accomplishing our goals. Always ask the big question–is this really “do-able” and am I willing to do what it takes to get it done?

Tip Four: Breakdown Final Goals Into “Doable” Chunks-This is where the rubber meets the road. Take your final list of clear and realistic goals and chisel them down into working “chunks” that you feel comfortable with given your lifestyle and personal schedule. Detail each chunk-be super specific—what does it look like when it is completed?

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Anyone can achieve their dreams and enjoy a great career.

Tip Five: Create a Realistic Time Line-We call this “calendarizing your dreams”. Sit down with a calendar and begin to chart out a completion date for each chuck. We suggest working in three month blocks so adjustments can be made.

Tip Six: Embrace Roadblocks-It Makes Victory That Much Sweeter Instead of letting roadblocks get in your way learn to embrace them and look forward to overcoming them. Meeting and beating challenges makes reaching your goals more enjoyable and satisfying.

Tip Seven: Be Gentle and Learn to Celebrate-Boots were made for walking and goals were made for changing. Goals can and should be adjusted, adapted or changed as part of the process. Know going in that things will change as part of your journey toward success. Also be gentle on yourself and learn to celebrate each chunk that you accomplish.

Bonus: Could these 7 tips help those that you supervise and lead? Could they help them be more productive and professionally satisfied? Share these tips with your team! When you share and teach these to others it will actually help you remember what they can do for you.

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