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Storage Wars

Storage Wars Episode 48/Season 2

Storage Wars Episode 48/Season 2 took place in Inglewood, California. The location of this storage unit auction was close to Hollywood Park, a famous horse racing track first built in 1938. Barry Weiss was upbeat with regards to this storage auction. This episode also featured Nabila Haniss, who isn’t a newbie when it comes to to storage auctions. She attended ths auction with her brother. After the very first storage unit had been opened up, it did not appear to be a good locker. Nabila noticed a Gucci handbag, however she wasn’t certain that it was authentic, nonetheless she positively wanted this particular unit. Among the various and obvious belongings inside were mattresses , a coffee table, a computer desk, and a televison set. Nabila tossed out the starting bid of $100. Darrell Sheets leaped into action with a $125 counter bid. After that, it was all Nabila and Darrell going at it, but Nabila eventually won out with a $425 winning bid.

The next storage unit of the episode was opened, and it appeared to a really bad unit. The initial bids were extremely low on this particular storage unit, and not one of the regular superstars of the show were placing any bids on it. Just the nobodies at this auction really wanted this unit. Then Barry Weiss jumped in, and after several bids, he wound up successfully winning the storage unit with a $320 bid.


The crew from Storage Wars. From Left: Barry Weiss, Dave Hester, Jarrod Schulz with wife, Brandi Passante, Laura Dotson and husband Dan Dotson, and Darrell Sheets. Nabila Haniss is not pictured.

Storage Unit Auction No. 3 was opened up, and it was filled with home furnishings. However, it appeared to be yet another so-so unit. Barry offered up the initial bid of $100 to get things going. Darrell countered Barry, and then Nabila Haniss hopped in with her $250 bid. Darrell countered Nabila, then from that moment on, the bidding shifted to and fro between Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester. Ultimately, Dave triumphed in victory with his winning bid of of $775.

Nabila Haniss assessed her storage unit, and it did not appear to be anything special. It looked as if there was practically nothing but useless poor quality items inside. The Gucci handbag turned out to be a counterfeit. Nabila and her brother searched through all the other belongings in the unit, attempting to to come across anything of value that would enable them to perhaps break even. Just as all appeared to be hopeless, Nabila’s brother came across an antique pirate gun, stashed inside an old dresser. Nabila was absolutely ecstatic. She grabbed the old pirate gun and took it to be appraied at a firearms shop called Gunslingers Gun Shop, located in the city of Glendora, California. The man who checked out the pirate gun explained that it was a style of a gun called a flint lock, however it was not an authentic pirate gun. It ended up being a Buccaneer Modell, spelled with two ll’s. It was manufactured by a man in the 1960’s by the name of Hy Hunter, in Hollywood California. Poor Nabila was not completely happy when the gentleman informed her that the gun was essentially a “boat anchor.” However, he valued the gun at approximately $100, so it was not completely worthless.

Barry Weiss attempted to check out the belongings he acquired in his storage unit, however he couldn’t get it opened up! Barry was really straining to lift the door open, but it would not budge. He had to go to the storage unit office to get someone to help him lift the door open. A dirty old mattress within the unit had been preventing the door from opening up, and as soon as they managed to get it open, the mattress lunged out and almost mowed Barry down. Wearing his signature skeleton gloves, Barry entered the unit attempting to come across something of value. He came across a new Singer sewing machine in the box worth $25, as well as a beautiful wooden dining room table. Unfortunately, the legs for the dining room table were missing, rendering it essentially worthless. Just as it seemed like the $325 Barry spent on this unit was liking flushing money down the toilet, Barry spotted an item bundled up inside some cardboard packaging. Upon opening it up, Barry discovered several pieces of extremely nice horse racing-themed artwork depicting Hollywood Park. The artwork was dated in 1938. Barry went to Hollywood Park to show the artwork to a person who worked there so he could get the pieces appaised. Barry was delighted as soon as he was informed that the vintage artwork was extremely rare. The gentleman who evaluated the artwork estimated that all of the four pieces of art as a whole were worth a minimum of $5000! Barry walked away from Hollywood Park a true winner.

Dave Hester inspected his storage unit and it didn’t seem that there was anything exceptional inside. He was truly making an effort to vindicate his $775 investment. He came across a vintage 1950’s table, a telescope, and an older model washer and dryer. Barry had three of his workers wearing his trademark “YUUUP” shirts helping him remove all of the belongings from the storage unit. After assessing all of the contents of the unit, Dave indicated that he could essentially double his money on this particular storage locker.

For those who are keeping score, here are the results of this week’s episode:
Barry Weiss made a profit of $4680 on his Hollywood Park artwork.
Dave Hester eeked our a $725 profit.
Nabila Haniss went in the hole, losing -$45
Darrell Sheets and his son, Brandon Sheets didn’t win a unit in this episode.
Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz took the week off and did not make an appearance in this episode.

Remember to check out Storage Wars on A&E each and every Tuesday night. Storage Wars Texas immediately follows. Check out your local guide for show times.

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