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How to Get Rid of Warts on Hands

Have you ever noticed any small rough bumps in any part of your body? Well, if your answer to this question is yes, then it may be that you already have what is known as common warts (known also as Verruca vulgaris). This is different from the genital warts that you might have heard of or even known. They are brought about as a result of viral infection, actually by the human papillomavirus (HPV). It is most commonly found on hands; nevertheless it can also grow in any part of the body. This type of warts are often painless and are not life threatening. Nevertheless, you may want to do away with them due to cosmetic reasons.

Take note that common warts present on the hands can easily spread via contact from one individual to the other. The presence of these warts in the hand area result from the fact that a person is contaminated with a strand of HPV out of many strands that exist. There is however, no need for one to panic as this HPV is not the same with the HPV that brings about cancer (i.e. ovarian, cervical, etc.). Contracting this infection can happen by using or touching a dirty cloth or towel as well as holding people’s hands. Greater risk exists in spreading the virus that causes this disease to other parts of the body if an infected person has broken skin like scrapes or wounds.

remove warts from fingers

Removing warts from fingers can be easily done by any doctor.

How to get rid of warts on hands involves different treatment options. Among which includes home treatments and these usually suffices in treating common warts present on hands, but if this is not working or has not worked. It is possible to make use of medical procedures. One of which involves a procedure known as cryotherapy. In this the hand warts are freezed using liquid nitrogen, which are later shedded off. It is a painless procedure and usually very effective. Now removing all the hand warts might take many cryotherapy sessions.

Another medical option is cantharidin application. This your doctor may apply together with some other chemicals in the affected skin areas. Although this process itself is also painless, there are blisters that result from this, which are uncomfortable. It is these blisters that raise the hand warts off the skin. This ensures removal is a much easier process.

There are other medical options that one also needs to look at in considering How to get rid of warts on hands. They are minor surgery and laser surgery. With minor surgery; the process involves cutting off hand warts or eradicating them through electric needle use. Here, pain is also not via the process itself, but through the anesthesia injection received. Another drawback of this procedure is that it leads to scarification (the existence of scars). It is, therefore, not usually advised until other treatment options have been attempted. In addition to this, you equally have laser surgery as well as the use of alcohol and/or vinegar together with duct tape.

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