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Wasp Nest Removal

Although insects of different types maybe considered annoying, this could be an understatement when it comes to wasps as they are also potentially dangerous. This danger stems from the fact that their stings can be quite painful. This is not necessarily the same for all wasps, but it is for some. Worthy of mention in this respect is the tarantula hawk (known otherwise as spider wasp because it hunts tarantula spiders as food for its larvae) and another wasp whose stink is concerned quite painful is the paper wasp. Both are mentioned on the Schmidst list as having stings that are considered fairly or seriously painful. No wonder the need for wasp nest removal in order to get rid of this potentially dangerous insect.

Consequently, here are tips to help you in removing wasp nest. Of course the first or initial thing you must do is in first locating the nest of the wasp. To do this, you will have to follow the wasp to its source. This is often a straightforward process. Ensure you maintain a safe or good distance from the wasp as you locate where the nest is. Nevertheless, take note of this location so you do not forget it.

wasps nest removal

The best period for wasp nest removal will be after dark. This is because wasps have the habit of slowing things down during this time. Be sure to clothe yourself appropriately before attempting removal. Put on clothing that covers your entire body or as much of it as possible. This way the possibility of getting yourself stung is reduced significantly. In addition, to covering your entire body or most of it. Be sure to also wear reasonably heavy clothing so it will be difficult for any wasp to easily pierce through and get to your skin. This might make you hot and thus uncomfortable, but this is better than being stung.

Now you must never attempt removing the wasp nest(s) all by yourself. Make sure there is someone who comes along with you. By doing this, you will have someone to hold your flashlight as well as assist in other ways. One advantage with this is that both of your hands will be free all the time. It goes without saying that your helper should also put on appropriate clothing so both of you are completely prepared against sting bites. Okay if the nest in question is at a position that is elevated, make use of a step ladder to get close. Then, inform the person helping you to come closer with a big box, which should have a tight fitting lid. This box will be placed directly under the nest.

After which, a pair of big scissors or pruning shears is used to cut stem of plant and to free the nest completely inside the box with the nest held in place. Next, close box lid firmly and quickly, sealing it. Afterwards, this box now containing wasps will then be committed into water where it should be left until all the wasps are dead.

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