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Stormville Flea Market

As one of the largest flea markets in the Northeast, the Stormville Flea Market attracts thousands of visitors every day. The flea market is located in between Albany and Manhattan, right off of the Taconic State Parkway. Just the magnificent, scenic drive across the Parkway will make the trip worth the ride. The event is held on the property of a private airport allowing enough space for over 600 vendors, coming from more the eight different states.  

There is no admission fee to enter and there is also ample of free parking available. The Stormville Flea Market is held at the airport located at 428 New York 216. Stormville, New York. There are so many bargains and deals to be found at this flea market that it is not uncommon for people to travel hundreds of miles just to attend. Each event also attracts busloads of visitors who have made a trip to the Stormville Flea Market part of their trip.

The Stormville Flea Market holds six different events every year, beginning with the Springtime in the Country Flea Market in April and closing out the year with a Christmas in November Flea Market held in November. In between April and November, they hold four separate Saturday and Sunday shows over the holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Columbus Day. The gates open at 8:00 am and close at 5:00 pm.

With such a large and diverse group of vendors set up, there will be items available for everyone. You will find everything from antiques to collectibles to arts and crafts to newer merchandise. There is a treasure for everyone within the Stormville Flea Market just waiting to be found. Whether you are looking for the latest DVD or a new pair of shoes or a great piece of vintage furniture for your home, you will be able to find it in the midst of this huge flea market.

There is never a shortage of food available, as a large number of food vendors set up inside the Stormville flea market. You will find many different types of food choices such as soda, bottled water, hamburgers, burritos, fries, ice cream, pizza, barbecue, and so much more. There are also several bathroom facilities that are available throughout the market to accommodate their guests.

Part of the fun of going to a flea market is that you can try to haggle and get the best price for an item. Before you start making deals, there are a few things that you should know about haggling. First, a seller never puts the lowest price they will take on the price tag because they are expecting you to try to talk them down. So do not be shy and just remember they are expecting it. You should also try to haggle closer to the end of the day, when the seller may be more anxious to sell an item.

Most of the deals that you make at a flea market will be with a no return policy, so be sure you thoroughly examine the item before your purchase it. If you see any blemishes or markings point that out to the seller and try to get the price lowered. It is also common practice at most flea markets and the Stormville Flea Market is no different that you must pay for your items with cash only. Very few sellers are willing to accept checks because of the extra risk involved.

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